NEWS CJD Orchestra 2019 Rehearsals: 14.-17.03.2019 Haus Overbach, Jülich 16.-19.05.2019 Haus Overbach, Jülich 26.-29.09.2019 Erfurt 10.-13.10.2019 Berlin Concerts: 28.09.2019 Erfurt 12.10.2019 KMS der Philharmonie Berlin Program: Beethoven, Violin Concerto (Soloist: Eldbjørg Hemsing) Tchaikovsky, Symphony no.4 Musiksommer Altensteig 2019 14.07.2019 Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf (family concert) 20.07.2019 Grieg, Piano Concerto a-minor op.16 (Soloist: Florian Uhlig) Beethoven, Symphony no.6 „Pastorale“